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Journey to Malaysia 2050

This initiative envisions Malaysia as a developed nation by 2050 and to be amongst the top countries in the world in the areas of economy, innovation, and citizen’s well-being.

Malaysians of the future will travel on ultra-modern, ultra-efficient modes of transportation. All levels of society will have access to knowledge thanks to the proliferation of technology that enables access to learning. Malaysia in the year 2050 will be a well-connected nation. The advancements in communication technology will further diminish the physical distance between humans.

KL Science Fiction

The Kuala Lumpur Science Fiction (KL SciFi) Convention aims to gather both local and international Science Fiction enthusiasts through various activities such as talks, exhibitions and other that revolve around the theme of Astronomy. The talks during KL Science Fiction feature former ANGKASA Director Prof. Emeritus Datuk Dr Mazlan Othman, digital games and Science Fiction games developers. Other activities include an ANIME musical showcase and a Starwars Fusion besides a vintage Science Fiction collectors’ exhibition such as Lego, Gundam, Macross and Transformers among other things.

65% of Today’s School Students Will Be Doing Jobs That Don’t Exist Yet!

Future Job

To help understand what this really means and the best way to prepare for the future, Microsoft have explored exciting new jobs that will face today’s students in 2025.

Telescope 500

This activity aims to collect as many as 500 telescopes from all Astronomy enthusiasts and fans all over the country. Astronomers and enthusiasts will gather at the National Planetarium by carrying their own telescopes while sharing their experience and knowledge in the Astronomy field as well as expanding their network within the nation’s Astronomical community. The observation activity of the Saturn planet and the telescope and astrological guide will also be conducted simultaneously.

Hans Lippershey, invented the telescope in 1608.

NICE Games Convention

An exciting game convention filled with events such as game lifestyle expo, games workshops, professional e-sport clinics and e-sport tournaments, that will leave you wanting for more!

Among several other events, this year, CSM-ACE 2017 offers a series of cyber security training on various topics.

National ICT Security Discourse

National ICT Security Discourse (NICTSeD) is Malaysia’s first annual national cyber security school discourse. This discourse competition is open to all Malaysian students and has been initiated & organized by CyberSecurity Malaysia, in collaboration with the MOE & MOSTI.

The main objective of this program is to encourage the creative and critical thinking of its participants on the current internet and technological issues being discussed on a global scale and how online risk and challenges can be overcome, and in the process teachers and students thus become smart and ethical internet users.

KL Start Up Forum (KL‘17 SU)

An event filled with interactive topics, experience & engaging speakers, street busking, food galore and exhibitions. The place to be for budding entrepreneurs.

90 million laser tag games are played every year across 1500 arenas across the globe.

Laser Tag

It’s time to zap your contender at this year’s NICE Expo Laser Tag event. Come experience how it feels to play this light-beam tag game! Bring your friends along or join a group to compete with others. Come and experience this thrilling combat-game and some fast-paced shooting. May the best team win!

Fun Run for Science

The fun run aims to increase the runners’ awareness on the importance of STI in conjunction with World Standards Day 2017.

A fun run is a friendly race that never exceeds 5K!

Smart Home

Transforming to future homes with brilliant, innovative and friendly solutions.
Smart home is a convenient home setup where appliance and devices can be automatically controlled remotely from anywhere in the world using a mobile or other networked device. A Smart home has its device interconnected through the internet, which control function such as security access to the home, temperature, lighting and home theatre.

Malaysia Biennial 100YC

The Malaysia Biennial 100YC (Year Cities) seek to enrich and transform the future by envisaging development evolution-he ability to project ideas and concept from the present into a hundred years.

Animation Village & Interactive Games

Interactive activities (Didi & friends, stunt legend and short film contest) aimed at generating awareness and interest in animation technology. If the technical side of animation is more up your alley, Les Copaque Studios will be holding animation workshops where you can learn about how animation characters are created & animated, starting from building story lines to character animation development through animation software.

Upin & Ipin is Malaysia’s most recognized animated television series by Les’ Copaque Production.

Robot Tempur

Robot Tempur is a robotic competition in which two or more custom-built machines (middleweight: 30 kg maximum) use varied methods and weapons to battle one another. This competition is also aimed at generating awareness and interest in robotics technology as well as creating a platform for various people especially the students to be involved in a more hands-on and practical aspect in engineering and technology through robotics.

Drone Racing GP

Watch drone pilots in action at the Drone Racing Asia GP, the biggest drone racing Grand Prix in Asia at NICE Expo 2017. This 2 day Drone Racing GP event will attract about 200 participants from all over SE Asia & Europe, and 3000-5000 visitors.

The global smart home market is forecasted to cross 40 billion U.S. dollars by 2020.

DIY Beauty Workshop

Witness the launch of a breakthrough ‘energy-feel’ device and discover the latest technologies in beauty and health, thanks to the Association of International Certified Aesthetician (AICA). You can also get in touch with your inner zen with sessions of hot yoga by Metta Studio or dance your way to fitness with some Zumba workouts.