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Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation

Recognising the importance of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0, the role of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in driving Malaysia’s new economic growth is becoming more apparent. Wealth creation in this new economy will be driven through knowledge and innovation that translate ideation into reality.

The opportunities are aplenty, waiting to be realized. Worldwide, technologies are converging and becoming more integrated than ever, in which we are witnessing the coming together of the virtual, biological and physical systems. The revolution impacts government, business, civil society and individual alike. As Malaysia braces for her own transformation, efforts are tailored towards establishing a solid foundation that will propel the nation into becoming a knowledge and technology-driven economy based on the progressive ideals of STI.

The Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation (MOSTI) in particular recognises STI’s overarching role for society to escape the middle-income trap and towards building a high-income society. STI is vital in creating employment and to add value to the national economy. Recently launched in 2016, the National Transformation 2050 (TN50) initiative has envisioned Malaysia as a developed nation by 2050 and therefore strive to place the nation among the top countries in the world in the areas of economic development, innovation, and citizen’s well-being.

That being said, the National Innovation and Creative Economy Expo 2017 (NICE 2017) is a platform to achieve that objective by fostering and cultivating the culture of science, technology and innovation among the people. NICE 2017 is also aimed at promoting innovation and creative economics, and to enhance Malaysia’s overall STI competitiveness in order to remain relevant in the face of socio-economic challenges.

We have to be ready to face the next 30 years by keeping Malaysia fast moving in the area of STI development. MOSTI believes fully in its potential and applications in the socio-economical context for providing insights and novel solutions that will help address our most pressing concerns – from nourishing our nation and enhancing the well-being of citizens, to fuelling our industries and helping the nation develop in a sustainable manner.